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Danne Skin Care

Danné Montague King is a paramedical product that can revise skin conditions unlike typical pampering facials. These skin corrective procedures are for those who want RESULTS. Prescribed treatments for acne, wrinkles, open pores, milia, comedones, scarring, pigmentation, broken
capillaries, rosacea and cellulite. Your 1st step will be a professional consultation with a paramedical specialist, to establish your concerns and condition. This will ensure that the correct treatment programme and home prescriptions are prescribed. Remove. Rebuild. Protect and Maintain



(This is refundable when a course of treatments or
complete prescriptive homecare is purchased) €25


Cellular nutrition treatment customised for every skin type.
A relaxing paramedical treatment, that suits everyone. €70

ENZYME THERAPY (face or body)

Enzyme Therapy is a specific blend of transfer messenger
enzymes. They work to increase the circulatory and lymphatic
system and result in a supreme formation of nutrients and
oxygen within the skin. Enzyme Therapy stimulates cellular
enzyme functions enhancing skin functioning and naturally
hydrolyzes unwanted dead skin cells. Normal &
maintenance treatment. €100


This treatment inhibits further melanin production, restores a
healthy light complexion and works to removes dark spots,
pigmentation, freckles and sun damage etc. €120


Pore reduction treatments control large pores with a process
known as chemical ionophoresis. Once the pore is cleared
the treatment continues to tighten pores from within. Results are
visible after the first treatment. €110


Treatment targets true causes of ageing. The A-Lift is
conducted weekly over a series of 6 -12 weeks.
Will revise deep wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation,
dehydration and sagging skin. The A-Lift will rebuild your
skin & return it to it’s genetic predisposition. €120


An intensive treatment for both inflamed or non-inflamed
acne conditions. This treatment eliminates pustules, papules,
comedones and bacteria from the skin. It regulates and
rebalances the skin’s Ph helping to prevent further skin
eruptions. A course of 6-12 is recommended to completely
revise the condition. Treatments for as young as 15 or
adult acne. €120


Treatment to visibly reduce permanent and intermittent
redness by flushing and strengthening the capillaries.
Anti inflammatory treatment to improve the skin’s functioning
by hydrolysing away impurities trapped deep in the skin.
Restores vital cellular nutrition to the skin.

Benefits include:

Visible reduction of redness. Reduction of spider & thread
veins. Increases the skin’s resistance to reddening & flushing.