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Maxbrows Microblading


MAXBROWS is a semi permanent tattoo but unlike traditional tattoo, MAXBROWS does not require a machine or needle. Microblade technology is used instead and the colour does not penetrate as deep as a needle so will not leave permanent scaring like traditional tattoo.

So how does it work?

Lines of colour are scratched under the surface of the skin, some clients compare this feeling to threading or tweezing.

After 2 weeks the colour will get trapped under the healed skin, at this time you will loose a lot of colour, this is why you will need to return for your second treatment after 4/5 weeks.

The spaces between the lines make the tattoo look more like hair strokes than a tattoo.

TREATMENT 1: Duration 2 hours €260
TREATMENT 2: Duration 1 hour €120

*HD Brows: 7 step treatment involving Tinting/ Threading/ Waxing ideal for clients with hair needing a style or those looking to grow back brows €40

*Henna Brows: Coloured Henna is mixed with Distilled water to create a stain that stayes on the skin from 2 to 4 weeks Shaping and Brow symmetry included €45

*Eyebrow Re-style: A miniature version of HD Brows for those with not enough hair €25

*Eyebrow Thread: €13

*Eyebrow Thread & Tint: €20

*Eyebrow Shape & Tint: €16

*Eyebrow Shape: €8

*Patch test is required 24/48 hours prior to treatment